Aug. 16th, 2010 01:38 am
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Update on my last post. The first one is still apparently a troll. But the second one has had the OP (or someone claiming to be the OP) comment in response the four people who called out for a mod to delete its racefail. The OP's response? The good old "I'm ____ race, so I can't be racist!" It's true that true racism as it's explained in beginning sociology (the only kind I've taken) implies that it can only come from a race that is higher in the pecking order than the other. So, for example, while in 1950's America (and today, too, but it was more evident then) a white person could be racist against a black person, but the opposite could not hold true, because the African American people in general did not hold a position of authority or power over a white person. Instead, they could merely be prejudiced against them. I know, it's stupid, but that's how it was explained.

So, according to that, we say racist and mean prejudiced. But, in any case, it would depend on the community size and the make up of said community, etc.

It was especially awesome that the OP claimed to be a different race than the one listed in the original comment. Because that makes it all better? It's implied (to my white American way of thinking) that their skin is darker than mine by several shades. But, in comparing African American skin tones to what they did in their request is, to my mind and apparently several others, just not on. Even if it was an African American person posting that request I would still say that it wasn't cool, for multiple reasons that probably people all ready know or otherwise don't care about.

OP response under the cut. I'm going to bed now, and hopefully wake up in a better mood.

Hi I was the OP please don't delete my prompt I believe all kinks have the right to be exercised and by the way I'm Philippino you can't say I was being racist

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