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Birthdate:Dec 22
Location:United States of America

I'm Melody, welcome. I'm almost always online, so feel free to IM me. In fact, I beg of you, please IM me. I feel lonely, and lonely is not conductive to writing. *fake tears*

My Birth date is listed, so if you can't do the math, tough. I write long rambling things about RL, but am far more likely to write a drabble or a ficlit than a novel. Yes, I do most likely have some form of Attention Deficit Disorder that plays a contributing factor in this, as well as my lack of ability to stay in just one fandom. Currently, I write for Whose Line?, but I also read things pertaining to House, MD; Ugly Betty; M*A*S*H; Harry Potter; Labyrinth; Stargate: SG-1; Scrubs; and many more.

Feel free to friend me; I'll most likely friend you back (unless you have the double black mark of not having talked to me and having little in your profile/entries).

Be warned that I am mostly nice, but can also be mean, snarky, and bitchy for little apparent cause. Issues of Religion, Sexuality, and Science will be debated, and I'm tenacious. This is your last warning.

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