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South Park vid beneath the cut

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In the little less than an hour left of 4 April, I thought I should mention this as I haven't seen it anywhere else.

On this day in 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assinated.  Now, this was shocking and tramatic for many people, but what is particuarily interesting is that he was killed a year to the hour after the end of his Beyond Vietnam: Breaking the Silence speech.  He was very much opposed to the Vietnam "conflict", and this generated major outcry against him (including Time magazine calling the speech "demagogic slander that sounded like a script for Radio Hanoi," and the Washington Post declaring that King had "diminished his usefulness to his cause, his country, his people").  The transcript, and audio file, of this speech can be found here.  If you choose to listen to it, be warned that it is about an hour long.

Now, when MLK was assinated, Robert Kennedy was campaning for President of the United States.  He arrived in Indiana and was told the news, hours before he was supposed to give a speech.  Police advised against making his apperance that night, but he chose to do so anyway.  Once on stage, Kennedy broke the news of MLK's death to a crowd that loved him dearly, and you can hear everyone go silent.  Kennedy spoke of what MLK's death would mean to the country, and to the people.  He included poetry, which I now give to you.

My favorite poet was Aeschylus.  He once wrote: "Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the aweful grace of God."

You can find the audio and full transcript of this speech here.
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So, it's almost one thirty in the morning, and I'm still at the library.  I'm not at the library because of anything that I have to get done; rather, I'm here because my friend is insane and needs company.
Apparently, just being at the library makes a person more productive (even if you never do anything else). 

So, because of a lack of wanting to read tiny text, I'm writing. Again.  This doesn't mean that I know where this section is going to fit in the Grand Scheme of things, of course.  That would be too easy.  Also, my computer is set to Australian time right now, as I have spent way too much time talking to [personal profile] desiredeffect.

For lack of any actual content, here's a link to Boromir's Invisible Phone icon/graphic thing.
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Terribly sorry for being so distracted recently, and for not posting more of Napkins. The reasons for this are many and rambling, and thus shall be
cut. )

So, to counteract all that emo, The Unbinding is a wonderful serial novel, which raises some interesting questions on what exactly this age of internet means to the people who live in it.

Also, Laid by James. Amusing song, so please take and enjoy.

(more napkins up later, I promise)

(also, Clay, I had a question about something for the WL fanfiction comm, how would you prefer I ask it?)
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So, the previous post was about napkins.  This post is a picture, because I can.   So, I'm definitly like the bunny in this picture, except with e-mail.  Because e-mail is awesome.


Mar. 2nd, 2007 09:30 am
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So, Switzerland accidentally invaded Liechtenstein.  God, I love how smart people are.

Also, Alaska had a pretty show recently.  Picture under cut.

Preeeety )
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I don't read Esquire.  Hell, it's only in the vaguest sense that I'm even aware that said magazine exists.  But when [personal profile] kaiz posted a link to The Napkin Fiction Project, I had to check it out.  The basic gist of the project is that they sent out 250 napkins to various authors, asking them to write on them and send them back.  Well, they did, and it spurned ideas in me.  I don't know if either of these will actually come to fruition, and am looking for thoughts/ideas/interest.

Idea Number One:  Meet the Author
    In which fanfiction authors show us their napkins.  Drabbles, rough drafts, short hand, doodles, cross outs, the whole nine yards.  I don't write a lot by hand, but when I do, the paper is generally covered with notes, and doodles that have little to do with the topic.  I think it would be pretty cool to see some of your work, before it becomes the pretty version we see online.

Idea Number Two: The Correspondence
    In which the character's talk to each other through napkins.  I'm thinking specifically of the Whose Line guys currently, because that seems to be what I write most in.  Say, while Colin and Brad are on tour, they go out to a bar and Colin gets an idea that he just has to share with Ryan.  He writes it down and mails it off.  Ryan responds on his own napkin, and soon the rest of the guys are joining in.  Snark, joke ideas, and graphic doodles ensue.

Either of these sound good, things you might be interested in participating in or reading?
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Watching the before thing with the Rivers, does anyone else think they should put Joan with her daughter wherever the daughter was, and just let Greg free on the stars?  It would be better, so much more amusing.

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So, Icons on [ profile] whoselineslash, are now here too so I have a better idea of what I'm doing. This post will grow as people request them. So, uh. yeah.

Complete repost under cut )
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Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you for all the kind wishes you gave me last week.  Perhaps understandably, I haven't felt much like writing this past week, but I do have some ideas which will shortly find their way onto the computer (as opposed to paper, as happened earlier, only to be taken, hidden, and torn to shreds by tiny kitten, as happened to an early draft of Mac's X-mas tree part 2).

I saw Finding Neverland for the first time last night.  I almost broke down into tears a couple of times, but especially with the Tinkerbell scene.  Luckily, I was watching it with one of my roommates, and they had enough tacklessness not to notice, and then crack a joke just when I needed it.  It was a bad joke, in terrible taste, but seemed so much more amusing at the time.

I've been poking around online today, and a routine stop at the New York Times revealed something interesting.  One of their articles today, A Kiss Too Far?, has stirred up mixed feelings in me.  For those that don't want to actually read it, it's an article dealing with people's reaction to PDA by same-sex couples.  I like that someone actually noticed and wrote an article about it, bringing it more to the front of the public's view.  I like how they interviewed several openly out people from various parts of the country, and I like how they didn't try to say that there was an easy solution.  The title for this entry comes in as I'm not sure how I feel about this being run in the Fashion and Styles section, like some other reader's have been about similar articles.

The editor makes a point to mention that Style is not just about clothing, but also how we live our lives.   Admittedly, I'm not sure where else this article would fit, other than the U.S. section.  Still, on a whole, I try to steer away from Fashion, scared of their too thin models and over priced clothing that I generally don't like.  Between this and Ugly Betty, I might actually have to give up my hatred and actually buy something with color.

Naw, I'm not that far gone yet.

Hey!  Have music!

On The Rocks:  Romeo & Juliet    and   Yellow

Eisley:  Memories

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I will pay attention and do my work.  I will pay attention and do my work.  I will pay attention and oooo... what's this?

That's currrently my thought process.  I think I need caffine.  Stupid legal addictions.

In other news, a town in Canada has outlawed stoning, burning, and circumcising women.  I'm not sure what's more disturbing, the fact that its 2007 in the Western culture, or the fact that it's Canada and it felt like these laws were actually needed.

Side note to my brain: Please stop having Lindsey Lohen songs on repeat.  Don't make me poke you with a q-tip again.  Also, you have to stay aware for at least another 4 hours.

And to prove my AD(H?)D, I just totally squee'd because [personal profile] clayangel's Whose Line site is back up.  Now if only I can remember what I was looking for....
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Me, do something productive?  Sorry, you've stopped by the wrong journal.  Please turn around and try again.  Better yet, as the away message goes:

    "Beep!  We're sorry, we had difficulties in connecting you to the user you desire.  Please rotate your computer 90 degrees and try again.  Thank you, and have a great day!"

If you just read all that (or even if you didn't), as a thank you, please visit this link, which is to a clip from the movie Peter's Friends, in which the group sings The Way You Look Tonight (<--leads to Sendspace with Frank Sinatra's amazing version).

Also, Mary Sue Talking Cats and Guy Love from Scrubs (which I can't hear with out thinking of the Whose Line guys, but maybe I'm just weird).
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Blog for Choice Day - January 22, 2007

It's Blog for Choice Day, meaning that Pro-Choicer's have been asked to share why they are Pro-Choice.

Yes, I'm writing this as I go along, so my thoughts aren't very put together, for that I apologize. Here, have stuff to make up for it.

First, Music.  Sex Changes by the Dresden Dolls.

Also, Slash, yay!
Untitled Jeeves/Wooster correspondence fic by [personal profile] puritybrown , Part 1 and Part 2. In this, Jeeves as gone, and Wooster wants to know why.

Jeeves and the Blessed Indiscretion by shalott, in which Jeeves has issues, Wooster jumps to conclusions, and no one was prostate in the hall.

I would give things from other fandoms, but all I've really read today and most of yesterday is Jeeves and Wooster fics. For those who haven't seen this loverly piece of Laurie and Fry interaction, the first episode can be found starting here.

Additionally, if you could find it in you to remind my brain that it does not need another RPS pairing, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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So, I'm browsing through recs, most of the slash, and occasionally forwarding a link to a friend or two, merely because I can. Imagine my surprise at running across recs for fanfiction based off the Muppets. Imagine my further surprise at reading one of these (gen) stories and going: "Oh. my. god. It's Colin and Ryan in 30-40 years!"

The story is about the two old men that always sit in the balcony and heckle the performers.  Heck, if Ryan eventually lost some of his hair, they even sorta look the same.

Anyway, the story can be found here, and really, I blame all the Whosers out there for making me think of this in terms of Ry/Col.

(P.S. Fortune's Fool is a Romeo/Mercutio play before the play in blank verse that's fucking awesome.  Just so you know.  I totally want to find my theatre friends and perform this now)
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Earthquakes and Sharks by Brandtson. It's a fun song all about Mexico and California. Why yes, I am killing time, however did you guess?

Also, David Bowie's Letter to Hermione, because it's David fucking Bowie, damn it.
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I'm really not sure about this. For those who don't want to bother reading the article, it's describing a new television show on NBC called "Thank God You're Here." Normally, I wouldn't care. I don't watch a bunch of t.v. anyway, and most of what I do watch I do over the internets (which is amazing, by the way). However, "Thank God You're Here" is an IMPROVISATIONAL t.v. show in which various celebrities try to wing sketches. In other words, it's Whose Line? without Colin and Ryan. It's Whose Line? with an all crappy guest star cast.

I weep.
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Please forgive the crappyness of this post as I am attempting this with the generally lazy left hand (the right is occupied holding a kitten).  Maily this post is to share a link to an "article" from last March that featured Colin Mochrie.  It can be found here, and you should be sure to click on the world link.  Because, you can.
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I'm so glad that I'm not in the the hurricane zone any more. It's the bermuda high that's whipping them around to the Gulf coast, a place that's been relatively safe for many years. And Katerina... man, that just sucks. There's nothing worse than a hurrcane hitting ya smack dab in the sucker, and a place like New Orleans that's actually BELOW sea level, well, it's going to be a long time before anything is remotely like it was. The hurricanes that slammed south Florida last year have left marks that are still evident, especially to a native. And it's only the beginning of the season.

Enough about that. It's a sad topic and there's no reason to really go into it here, when everyone else is gettin into it on the news, documentaries (already!) and their journals. As I haven't said much of anything for a very long time, I supppose I should actually post something of import. The only thing is, there's nothing really to say.

I've decended into the ranks of normalacy so boring that there's nothing that can be done for it. Thankfully, my social schedule will be picking up in a few weeks which will leave me with more inspiration for everything, hopefully. There's nothing for imagination sparks like being surrounded by insanity. I guess that's why a lot of artists and authors congregate in areas of high population, such as Paris. Of course, insanity can also come in under the guise of family, so in that respect I really don't have much of an excuse.

However, I have been writting, however sparringly, and reading a whole lot more. Some I've been following Duchess Andromeda's C2 over on FFN, which has an amazing number of actually good and interesting works. I've also got into Cartographer's Craft, which is hosted here on LJ. It's a great story with a Maurader's Era Sirius falling for a post-HBP Harry, without the use of a time-tuner or curse.

Speaking of HBP, I suppose I might as well post my views here: I didn't like it. There were a few plot points that I thought were rather well developed, but most of the relationships seemed hurried and forced. Of course, that could just be the slasher in me talking, but I would like to think it wasn't. There's just so little basis for Harry's sudden attraction to Ginny, or Tonk's to Remus. Yes, I realize that we saw little of the later's interactions in OotP, but there's about two weeks between the end of the School year and Harry's leaving the Dursely's, in which he seemingly gets over most of his grief over Sirius, the Headmaster gets a crippled hand, and Tonks becomes mousy. It just doesn't fit! *tears out hair in frustration*

But, there are several good fanfic's out there that appease my need for good 6th and 7th year fics, even alternate 5th year. Fanfiction, how I love ye. Of course, with those AU's, I've been drawn into other's aswell. Crossover's with LOTR, POTC, X-men and more now dot my favorites list. Of course, from those I've expanded into those fandoms themselves (although to be fair LOTR held me for a good bit before the crossover frenzy, it's just that I've been brought back to it). The only minor issue I have with a lot of them are the pairings, often putting Harry with OC's and minor character's that the author can mould into the type they want. If they're going to do the OC thing, then they might as well leave it in the usual HP universe. It's getting later, and I've been at this for half an hour, so I might write more another day.
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