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Now, when I went back to Florida this past December, my brother (the wonderful soul that he is) got me hooked on Studio 60 and the Sunset Strip.  Since my television is good only for watching movies, I rely instead on the wonderful powers of online episodes to get my fix.  These are hosted on the site for a few weeks, before they vanish into the ether.  Now, I'm sure that I could look up and find out when the next episode is going to be aired, but it's amusing to me to check back in on the site every now and again, just to see if they've updated (which they haven't for a few weeks, the bastards).  While there, I stumbled across the first full episode of Thank God You're Here (which I posted about awhile ago.  I wouldn't find the link, but I don't really care).  Now, it's actually supposed to air tonight at 9pm, so I don't know if someone just messed up or what, but it's online.  Because I like to share my thoughts with people, I will be doing much the same as I did for the Oscars and liveblogging these (meaning that I'll update this periodically, as watch).  Yes, it's all under the cut to save your flists.

So, without further ado, I present the first episode of Thank God You're Here

Which Could Never be as Great as Whose Line ) Watch it online. Skip to the parts you want. Ignore the rest. I'm going to bed now, good night, and good luck.
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Watching the before thing with the Rivers, does anyone else think they should put Joan with her daughter wherever the daughter was, and just let Greg free on the stars?  It would be better, so much more amusing.


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