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So, Icons on [ profile] whoselineslash, are now here too so I have a better idea of what I'm doing. This post will grow as people request them. So, uh. yeah.

Complete repost under cut )
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Ok, so I posted this on [ profile] wl_fanfiction, but not here. I thought I might as well, because knowing me I would forget where it was exactly. I'm just weird that way. So, this was a Secret Santa done in the Whose Line is it Anyway? fandom, my first work of fiction in said fandom, and an experiment in dialouge. Without further ado, here it is.

It wasn’t, Colin decided after the fourth failed attempt at finding his hotel room, the best idea to wander London without a map. )

So, yeah. I'm currently working on a story for another fandom, so that should be up within a couple of days.
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Ok, so I don't write a bunch, mostly because I'm not very good at it and the muses are fickle. Anyway, I was looking at my interest list and saw just how many pairings I have listed, and how few fandom's I've actually written in. SO! I'm going to correct this now, by writting at least a drabble for every fandom and pairing that I have listed in my interests. It goes without saying that since I so rarely write, that don't have a beta. They have all been spellchecked, though, for all the good that does sometimes. Here's the first three, all rather Angsty.
To continue, follow the cuts.

Albus Dumbledore/Harry Potter, 327 Words )

Angel/Xander, BTVS. 289 Words )

Aragorn/Frodo, LotR. 191 Words )


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